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Good morning readers! What a wild weekend for the industry as we head into the last full week of May. From Friday to this Monday morning, we went from preparing to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day to WTF is happening to begin the cycle all over again with a ton of new momentum. Take a deep breath, grab your coffee/tea ☕ and let’s break it all down.

We’ll start with the fun and excitement. The industry celebrated Bitcoin Pizza Day 🍕 around the world on Saturday, May 22nd. Celebrations included reading Samantha Radocchia’s Bitcoin Pizza book, grabbing a slice of their…

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Today, June 11th has been an eventful final day of the week in the decentralized world. Jumping right in here’s the quick rundown of what’s happening in Blockchain Today. Grab your coffee ☕️

Kicking things off we look towards the world of NFT or non-fungible tokens. The auction house, Sotheby’s sells a are CryptoPunk for $11.8 M from a private collection. This piece is a part of the auction house’s “Natively Digital” curated sale of non-fungible tokens, which featured 27 other pieces and a virtual gallery. …

March 2021

The digital economy is here. Last year began the transition but activity over the first 62 days of 2021 in the blockchain industry solidified it. With more than 1,200 companies building & investors funding ($35.9B+!) this new economy, the metaverse is approaching at record speeds

Q1 2021 Blockchain Landscape Map — Kyle Ellicott

Congratulations to Optimism PBC, Sorare, TaxBit & Mintable on their recent 💸 fundraising. Leading venture capital funds investing throughout the landscape include Digital Currency Group with 53+ investments, Pantera Capital at 31+, Andreessen Horowitz at 26+, Blockchain Capital LLC & Polychain Capital w/22+.

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Good day everyone! What an interesting last twenty-four hours in the industry. If you are not sure of the context of that statement, don’t worry, I’m going to break it down in today’s post. It’s going to get a little deep, think pour-over versus yesterday’s espresso shot. So grab that coffee ☕️ and let’s go!

The biggest storyline happens to be about Bitcoin, Telsa, Elon Musk’s recent tweet that sent the blockchain industry & crypto Twitter into a frenzy — this also took a toll on the broader digital currency markets. In February, Musk and the company announced their purchase

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Today is an expresso shot kind of morning for the blockchain industry. Only a few short hours into the start of the day and the industry is heating up. I’ll keep it short today. Here’s the rundown of what’s happening in the blockchain industry.

Brex has launched a new rewards program for customers allowing them to redeem in Bitcoin and Ether. Additionally, the company is looking closely at crypto exposure for itself. This is important to watch as both Visa & MasterCard continue aggressively investing and building in their respected ecosystems. …


Westminster, Colo. — May 6, 2021— PSA (, the world’s largest systems integrator consortium, announced today that Kyle Ellicott, will present Blockchain: What Is It and What Do I Need to Know? at TEC 2021 May 3–6, 2021, at the Sheraton Downtown Denver & virtually online. Over 100 sessions are being offered to attendees during the four days of education. Mr. Ellicott will speak on May 6th at 12:30 PM Mountain Time.

“We’re at the beginning of the internet’s next phase which requires business to be digital-first with a evolving strategy to sustain its efforts. I’m incredibly excited to be…

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As expected, today continued to highlight how quickly the blockchain and surrounding industries are pushing forward innovation. Before we get into the breakdown, yesterday I broke down a few critical signals that all should be monitoring over the next thirty days. I recommend reading it over, but if you’re in a rush here’s the list;

  • Digital currencies price fluctuating
  • Global bank activity
  • Insurance protection expanding
  • Mass adoption of crypto acceptance
  • Payments and the future of work

With those signals in mind, let’s break down the day thus far. Starting with price fluctuating, things are trending positive after falling over the…

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Happy Monday everyone! We’re a few short days away from closing out the month of April and are showing no signs of slowing down. Today kicks off a week I expect to be a significant driver for the rest of the quarter. Grab an extra-large cup of coffee and let’s dive in, it's a long read today.

We closed out last week with industry moving news from PayPal who rolled out a crypto purchasing function to Venmo and placing buying power of digital currencies into the hands of its 77 million users! …

What an exciting start to the week and ending of the first quarter of 2021. In the last 24 hours, the industry has begun to reveal more about our financial future around payments & transactions that had been anticipated this early in the year.

We began yesterday, Monday, March 29th with Visa announcing that they have completed payment settlements in the stablecoin USDC on the Ethereum blockchain. Why is this important one may ask? Well, it makes Visa the first major payments network to use a stablecoin as a settlement currency. Until this moment payments were settled in fiat currency…

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December 20, 2020

This week’s post was slightly delayed since the industry decided to sneak in an overflowing bag of presents before the year ends. Buddy the Elf’s excitement when he learns that Santa will arrive in NYC doesn’t do justice to the level of enthusiasm building as we head into 2021 (yes, I’m in full holiday mode). Now that I’ve brought you to my level, let’s jump right into the week’s highlights.

Coinbase decided why not, it’s 2020, and announced their submission of a draft registration statement on Form S-1 with the SEC in preparation to go public. This…

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