February 2023

Annually the Power List 200 rankings are produced to celebrate the remarkable achievements of visionary individuals who have made lasting impacts in their respective fields through unwavering determination, exceptional skills, and a forward-thinking approach. I’m honored to have been included (#121) in this year’s Power List of the Top 200 Biggest Voices in Leadership in 2023 alongside the likes of Adam Grant, Kathleen Hogan, Tim Ferris, Kim Kaupe, Erin Meyer, Whitney Johnson, Angela Maiers, fellow TEDx speaker Cindy Solomon & many other inspiring individuals. Thank you to those who voted to include fellow award winners and me along with the team at leadersHum.



Photo by Benjamin Lackey on Unsplash

December 2022.

Web3, oh Web3,

How clever you are,

With your decentralized ways,

And your trustless bars.

No more middlemen,

No more control,

We’re free to choose,

And make our own goals.

With blockchain technology,

And smart contracts galore,

Web3 is the future,

We couldn’t ask for more.

So here’s…



Kyle Ellicott

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