A Contactless World Driving Change in Marketplaces, Food, Travel, & Transportation

  • People are adapting quickly to a new contactless world. We’re seeing increased usage of contactless payments, transactions, markets, and more — a trend we don’t expect to back on.
  • Intelligence supply chains are no longer luxury, but instead, something that any marketplaces or location will have access too — Nirja Varia provides an outstanding example of this taking place now in N. Africa.
  • Data can now be used to not only understand supply chains but also allow for micro-credits & transactions.
  • While “data is the new gold,” it’s also similar to a perishable food and can be supplied or useless after a few days / extended time period.
  • The investment process in the these markets has changes slights as investment funds are doubling down on FinTech and core technology infrastructures such as A.I., blockchain, contactless, Decentralized Identity (DID), IoT, etc.
  • Investors predict we’ll see a massive amount of investments in the coming months around A.I.-driven companies & marketplaces.
  • & more.



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Kyle Ellicott

Kyle Ellicott


Writing about #Blockchain, #DApps, #Digitization, and all things #Distributed. Host of Blockchain & Crypto Today