AMA Session With Thomas Bertani of Provable Things and pTokens

Kyle Ellicott
2 min readMar 26, 2020


Source: Equilibrium

March 26, 2020

Last week, I had sat down with Thomas Bertani, Founder / CEO of blockchain oracle service Provable Things for an AMA session that covered his background, his company, and went into depth on oracles from the basics to advanced topics, along with his thoughts on the evolving DeFi landscape and where DApps will go from here.

Be sure to check out the recap and soundbites from Thomas & my session, on the Equilibrium_EOSDT blog here and see below 👇for the full video recording.

Stay tuned for my next AMA on April 1st, 2020, where MaxDapp (YouTube Channel) and I sit down to answer all your questions about Blockchain, DApps, DeFi, and everything in-between!

🚨 State of the Blockchain Industry Q1 2020:

Last week I released the Q1 2020 edition of the Blockchain Landscape Map. This is now the fifth edition of the landscape I’ve released and includes 747 companies (900+ total unique companies including broader key Ecosystem players) and more than $22 bn in funding raised across the landscape from 2010–2020 — over $18 bn invested since 2017! — Noticeable cycles emerging and full breakdown available.

A full 60 min video overview of the landscape is now available here and free for all. In the video, I breakdown the 2020 landscape, provide a summary of 2019, emerging trends for 2020, DeFi, Libra, CDBCs, Stablecoins, DApps, and more!




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