Bitcoin Unleashed — April 2022

An Odyssey Begins: Cash to Create on Bitcoin

All journeys must start somewhere. In this case, it’s the voyage to bring Bitcoin into Web3 and a future with programmable money. As a Co-Chair, the $165 million Bitcoin Odyssey Pledge was designed to propel Bitcoin builders into this future and what comes next. Our sessions during Bitcoin’s Unleashed, “An Odyssey Begins: Cash to Create on Bitcoin,” featured the principal travelers alongside me on this epic journey —

An Odyssey Begins — Bitcoin Unleashed April 2022 — YouTube

About Stacks: Stacks is a blockchain linked to Bitcoin by its consensus mechanism that spans the two chains, called Proof of Transfer. This enables Stacks to leverage Bitcoin’s security and enables Stacks apps to use Bitcoin’s state, despite being a separate blockchain.



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Kyle Ellicott

Kyle Ellicott


Writing about #Blockchain, #DApps, #Digitization, and all things #Distributed. Host of Blockchain & Crypto Today