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Blockchain Adoption In 2021 / Airport Adopts GE’s Tracing Solution / BitPay Arrives For Business

November 23, 2020

Last week in the landscape we saw a great amount of focus on infrastructure pushing forward applications beyond what will likely be an exciting and wild 2021 for the industry. We kicked off with Bitpay launching its new product, Bitpay Send, which allows businesses to issue mass crypto payments globally without having to hold any crypto themselves — game-changing for many businesses especially following PayPal’s recent news. New York’s Albany International Airport revealed its collaboration with General Electric (GE) digitizing the airport’s operations to track Covid-19 cleaning protocols powered by GE Aviation’s blockchain-powered wellness trace application. ShareRing announced the integration of its blockchain identity solution with Rakuten Travel Xchange to enable customers to use blockchain technology for bookings. Rounding out the week, Genies announced their partnership with Dapper Labs to bring their customizable 3D digital avatars to the Flow blockchain — an exciting step forward for digital collectibles and the evolving metaverse. Plus we’ve got new funding rounds with M&A activity, DApps round-ups, research, and much more! Enjoy!

Forrester has released its blockchain predictions for 2021, which reveals that 2020 has been an important year for growth in the enterprise blockchain and distributed ledger technology space. The research highlights that 30% of global projects will make it into production next year, which were partly impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The report also outlines that the most critical technical prediction listed is the increasing need for zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), which is expected to resolve the issue of preserving confidentiality…read more

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After finding a fit for digital collectibles outside the blockchain realm, Genies is bringing its customizable 3D avatars to a partnership with Dapper Labs. The collabo with the team behind CryptoKitties and now NBA Top Shot is seen by Genies as a way to introduce Gen Z-ers to the blockchain. “Dapper Labs was a brain-dead fit for us to be able to further educate our young users,” Genies founder Akash Nigam told CoinDesk in an interview.…read more

New York’s Albany International Airport has collaborated with General Electric (GE) to digitize the airport’s operations to track Covid-19 cleaning protocols, making the air travel experience safer. The airport has implemented GE Aviation’s blockchain-powered wellness trace application that uses QR codes to show passengers real-time tracking of cleaning of touchpoints and surfaces throughout terminals, restaurants, and other areas. GE launched the app in partnership with TE-FOOD Eurofins in late June…read more

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Cryptocurrency payment processing company Bitpay has launched a new product called Bitpay Send that allows businesses to issue mass crypto payments worldwide without having to hold any crypto themselves. The new platform is powered by blockchain called a mass payout service to complete payroll payments, pay freelance contractors or affiliates, and process customer cashback and rewards programs. The company also highlighted that the advertising platform AdGate Media has already adopted its product…read more

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👀💸 Capital Update️:

New section alert! With the fourth quarter (Q4) traditionally being a fundraising sprint for many, I decided to create a little sub-section in these posts to highlight venture announcements from investments to new funds to M&A all throughout the landscape. Get ready!

💸 API3 Closes Seed Round With Six Major Funds API3

💸 Zapper Receives Investment from Coinbase Ventures and Delphi DigitalDeFi Dad

💸 DEX Aggregator Rebrands to Slingshot After Raising $3.1M From Coinbase Ventures, Others

DApps (Decentralized Apps) Watch:

Blockchain platform ShareRing integrates its blockchain identity solution with Rakuten Travel Xchange, enabling customers to use blockchain technology for the booking process. The integration will allow Rakuten’s customers to use ShareRing’s self-sovereign identity app to access bookings at over 600,000 hotels and 200,000 rentals. The blockchain-powered product also enables users to store passports securely and other travel documents, bank cards, accommodation, flights, and vehicle information in one location, being accessible exclusively by the user…read more

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Japanese firm Layer X has developed an electronic voting system based on a blockchain protocol as a part of Tsukuba City’s smart city initiative, bringing blockchain security and immutability to local elections. The company stated that the newly launched system is designed to meet the technical needs of electronic voting, including the prevention of double voting, proper storage of voting content, voter confidentiality, and management of operation records. Additionally, it will allow voters to check their voting results, ensuring the voting process is performed correctly on the blockchain network…read more

⚒️ Avalanche to Unveil Novel Blockchain Features with Apricot, its First Major UpgradeAva Labs

⚒️ Who’s Building dApps On COSMOS: 2020 UPDATECosmos Network

⚒️ Ethereum infrastructure provider Infura is down, crypto exchanges begin to disable ETH withdrawals

🎙️ Research: State of the Blockchain & DApps 2020:

Source: Topio Networks

We are transitioning to a completely digitized economy and the activity in the blockchain industry during 2020 proves this more than ever. Now w/ 1,100+ companies building & funding ($30bn+!) the infrastructure layers that will make up this new economy. The full breakdown is now available including an in-depth overview of the landscape, new categories & business models, areas of opportunities, rising categories, use-cases, and view for the remainder of 2020 into 2021.

Source: Topio Networks

Available now, for free is my latest research on Decentralized Applications or DApp “Stack” Landscape Map — the Q2 2020 edition. This map provides a full overview and taxonomy of the emerging DApps industry highlighting over 400 global companies teaching playing a vital role in building next-generation applications. As a bonus, I’ve included some of the ecosystem players and groups you need to be familiar with as you prepare to release your applications. If this is the first version you’ve seen of the landscape, consider it your guiding roadmap to further understanding not only the industry but all the core technology required to build a full or partial Decentralized Application (DApp).

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