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Blockchain Investments: July 2020 Edition

Kyle Ellicott
3 min readAug 6, 2020


August 6, 2020

The blockchain landscape is constantly reshaping itself as new companies emerge daily, those established strengthen their positions, the industry matures and investors dedicate more capital to see the greater ecosystem.

Last month, I began a new monthly series highlighting the recent investments made throughout the landscape. Later this month in August, I’ll be going further in-depth from the recent activity, use cases, and all investment activity analyzed through Q3 2020. We’re currently at the beginning of a new fundraising cycle this year and looking towards the past this will be a trend for the next three years ahead. Get ready! More on this topic in another article, first let’s get to the investments made during July 2020.

During July we did not see any M&A activity within the landscape, however, we continued to see significant investments in core infrastructure, Layer-2 solutions, DeFi, and FinTech. Here’s the full list:

Polkadot, $43M, investors include: various/ICO

Robinhood, $320M, investors include: IVP, TSG Consumer Partner

Chainalysis, $13M, investors include: Ribbit Capital (lead), Sound Ventures (lead)

Bitcoin Suisse, $48.9M, investors include: Roger Studer

Metaco, $17M, investors include: Giesecke+Devrient (lead), Avaloq, Investiere, SICPA,, Standard Chartered Bank, Swiss Post, Swisscom, Zürcher Kantonalbank

Curv, $23M, investors include: CommerzVentures (lead), Coinbase Ventures, Digital Currency Group, Digital Garage Lab Fund, Team8

Quant Network, $XXX, investors include: Alpha Sigma Capital

Radix DLT, $4.1M, investors include: LocalGlobe (lead), Taavet Hinrikus

Circulor, $XXX, investors include: Plug & Play, SYSTEMIQ, Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures, Volvo Cars Tech Fund

Valid Network, $8M, investors include: Ten Eleven Ventures (lead), Jerusalem Venture Partners

Evertas, $2.8M, investors include: Morgan Creek Capital Management (lead), Kailash Ventures, Plug and Play, RenGen Labs, Vy Capital, Wavemaker Genesis

Aave, $3M, investors include: Framework Venture Partners, Three Arrows Capital

Zap, $3.5M, investors include: Greenoaks Capital Management (lead), Morgan Creek Capital Management

Everledger, $7M, investors include: Tencent, U.K‌. ‌Government’s‌ Coronavirus Future Fund

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Source: Topio Networks

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