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Blockchain Investments: October 2020 Edition

November 2020

The blockchain landscape is constantly reshaping itself as new companies emerge daily, those established strengthen their positions, the industry matures and investors dedicate more capital to see the greater ecosystem.

In the late-summer this year, I began a new monthly series highlighting the recent investments made throughout the landscape. Later in the coming months, as we close out 2020 I’ll be going further in-depth from the recent activity, use cases, and all investment activity analyzed through Q3 & Q4 2020.

We’re currently at the beginning of a new fundraising cycle this year and looking towards the past this will be a trend for the next three years ahead. Get ready! More on this topic in an upcoming article, first let’s get to the investments made during October 2020.

Mina Protocol, $10.9M

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Polymarket, $4M, investors include: Polychain, Naval Ravikant, Other Notable Investors

Related: Polymarket Raises Massive $4 Million Round From Polychain, Naval Ravikant, Other Notable Investors

CasperLabs, $14M, investors include: various/ICO

Related: Ethereum Rival CasperLabs Raises $14 Million in Token Sale

Audius, $1.25M, investors include: Binance Labs —

Related: Binance Labs Leads $1.25 Million Extension Round for Audius


Related:$1.4 trillion asset manager backs crypto startup Curv, bringing total funds raised to $30 million

Dapper Labs, $18M, investors include: various/ICO

ShoCard, Acquired by Ping Identity

Unocoin, $5M, Draper Associates (lead), 2020 Ventures, XBTO Ventures

DeFiner, Early, investors include: SNZ Holding

Propy, Early, investors include: Tim Draper

Internxt, Seed, investors include: TheVentureCity

Wirex, $4.7M, investors include: various/ICO

💸 Investor Insights On Current State Of Blockchain:

This week I sat down to host another episode of VCTV to speak with global investors on the current state and latest trends throughout the FinTech and Blockchain industries. Here’s the drop:

Source: YouTube & VCTV

🎙️ Research: State of the Blockchain & DApps 2020:

Source: Topio Networks

We are transitioning to a completely digitized economy and the activity in the blockchain industry during 2020 proves this more than ever. Now w/ 1,100+ companies building & funding ($30bn+!) the infrastructure layers that will make up this new economy. The full breakdown is now available including an in-depth overview of the landscape, new categories & business models, areas of opportunities, rising categories, use-cases, and view for the remainder of 2020 into 2021.

Source: Topio Networks

Available now, for free is my latest research on Decentralized Applications or DApp “Stack” Landscape Map — the Q2 2020 edition. This map provides a full overview and taxonomy of the emerging DApps industry highlighting over 400 global companies teaching playing a vital role in building next-generation applications. As a bonus, I’ve included some of the ecosystem players and groups you need to be familiar with as you prepare to release your applications. If this is the first version you’ve seen of the landscape, consider it your guiding roadmap to further understanding not only the industry but all the core technology required to build a full or partial Decentralized Application (DApp).

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