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Contact Tracing Based Decentralized Applications (DApps) Are Here — Where To Start

Kyle Ellicott
3 min readJun 23, 2020


Last week during the EthAtlanta Conference I hosted a breakout session focused on the growing topic of Contact Tracing. The purpose of my talk was to focus on the development and deployment of such applications both Enterprise (B2B & Consumer (B2C) driven, but specifically when blockchain was playing an infrastructural role within the app's technical stack — highlighting a new category of decentralized applications or DApps. Thankfully I had time to touch on the emerging role decentralized identity (or DID) is having with these applications and the building blocks required to develop them.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Today’s solutions, while early, are lacking a concrete level of trust or truth, along with user anonymity, data management or privacy, and are vulnerable to an increasing number of security threats — again we’re early days here, but these must be highlighted for solutions to be developed.
  • Enterprises such as Apply & Google along with Governments (ex. Singapore) have developed initial applications to market some leveraging Bluetooth (BTLE) or GPS as the method of recording the tracking. Thought these are just starting points they still have many of the above flaws & vulnerabilities. Also, keep in mind these groups typically own the entire ecosystem that application is being developed on (i.e. devices, data management, storage, etc.).
  • Critical solutions and requirements you should be including in your applications, whether a traditional application or DApp, including digital/decentralized identity (DID) & certificate, data management & privacy for all users, governance, and user-based incentives to help with adoption & engagement (most relevant in areas of most need).

If you’re looking for consortia, groups, or initiatives to further your journey in this area here are a few I discovered during my research:

For the more on this topic, I’ve included the full video recording from the session along with a link to download the DApps Landscape Map I show through the video for free here. Also a big thank you to the Provide & Baseline Protocol teams for having me. Enjoy!

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