IBM’s Trust Your Supplier Blockchain / Walmart Patents Stablecoin / NBA Slam Dunks Into Blockchain

📖 IBM and other companies launch new blockchain network for supply management

Source: Trust Your Supplier

📖 Seychelles Beats Zurich With First Blockchain-Based Equity Token

📖 Walmart Wants to Patent a Stablecoin That Looks a Lot Like Facebook Libra

📖 NBA launches blockchain collectibles


📖 Volvo Cars, China in first blockchain project for recycled cobalt

📖 Mastercard Is Building a Team to Develop Crypto, Wallet Projects

📖 South Korea Declares Partial ‘Regulation-Free’ Zone for Crypto Companies

📖 How Blockchain Could Disrupt the Telecom Industry

📖 Cosmos Will Have 3 Coding Languages — Here’s Why That Matters

📖 The Invention of Money

Libra Watch

📖 Circle CEO: Attention on Facebook’s Libra is ‘double-edged sword’ for crypto

📖 Facebook’s Digital Money Plan Raises Stakes For China’s Cryptocurrency Ambitions

📖 Zuckerberg Plans to Wiretap Whatsapp. He’ll Do the Same to Libra

🎧 What I’m Listening To

The Blockchain Landscape — Q2 2019 Version




Writing about #Blockchain, #DApps, #Digitization, and all things #Distributed. Host of Blockchain & Crypto Today

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Kyle Ellicott

Kyle Ellicott

Writing about #Blockchain, #DApps, #Digitization, and all things #Distributed. Host of Blockchain & Crypto Today

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