Mainnet Conference 2020 — Enterprise Ethereum & Friends

Kyle Ellicott
3 min readJun 1, 2020


June 1, 2020

I’m currently preparing for what I believe will be an outstanding set of sessions during tomorrow’s (June 2nd) Mainnet 2020 event by Messari. For those unfamiliar with the event, it’s one not to be missed this year.

Tomorrow, I’ll be kicking off an entire 2.5 hours of talks and discussions beginning at 1:30 PM ET with Enterprise Ethereum & Friends that will include the industry’s leading experts around blockchain in the enterprise. More specifically we’ll be getting to the core of Enterprise ethereum (Mainnet), the overall current state of blockchain technology in the Enterprise, the Baselining protocol, and the Business of Ethererum, and much more.

Our agenda for the sessions and all-star group of speakers who’ve been brought together includes:

👉 1:30 PM ET — Going Public: Mainnet’s Rise in the Enterprise w/ Paul Brody of EY

The world of enterprise public blockchain is finally ready to get on its own exponential upward path. From stablecoins to Baseline, the last year has seen an enormous, if not always well understood, a transformation that lays the foundation for scalable, secure enterprise use of public blockchains. This talk is intended to explain how we (EY) see the world of blockchain going forward and the kinds of investments and solutions we see taking shape in the market for enterprise blockchain solutions.

👉 2:00 PM ET — How to Use the Mainnet in Business: 2020 and 2021

Go in-depth on the Mainnet’s/Ethereum’s role within the enterprise and day-to-day business. Including where we actually are in this cycle, in-depth on real-world & active deployments, what it takes to build/integrate and be successful at this intersection, along with the critical path forward through 2021.
Moderator: Kyle Ellicott (Topio Networks)
Panelists: Paul Brody (EY), Yorke Rhodes (Microsoft), Tas Dienes (Ethereum Foundation ), John Whelan (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance & Banco Santander), John Wolpert (Baseline Protocol & ConsenSys)

👉 2:45 PM ET — An Overview of Baselining: Building, Demos, Technicals, & the Roadmap Ahead

An overview of Baseline Protocol — a way of using a public blockchain Mainnet like Ethereum to deliver secure and private business processes at low cost. Join us to hear more about Baselining in your business along with the technicals to real-world working demos in the enterprise to what’s coming and the roadmap ahead from those laying the foundation for a new way forward.
Moderator: John Wolpert
Panelists: Stefan Schmidt (, Kyle Thomas (Provide), Daniel Norkin (Envision Blockchain), George Spasov (LimeChain - Blockchain & DLT), Kartheek Solipuram (EY)

👉 3:25 PM The Business of Enterprise Mainnet

How Enterprises can take advantage of the Mainnet within their organization to gain a competitive edge — or forever be left behind. Those who enable their business with the new Mainnet infrastructure will see new business opportunities through tokenization, but B2B process automation, and we’ll go in-depth on the ecosystem powering this next transitional wave forward.

Moderator: Nick Kritikos (Consensys)
Panelists: Joseph Lubin (ConsenSys), Didier Le Floch (ConsenSys Codefi), Patrick Berarducci (Codefi @ Consensys)

Looking forward to seeing you there and hearing all the insights that come from tomorrow. For now, back to preparing.

Note: A huge shoutout to the team and individuals apart of the Baseline Protocol, Consensys, EEA, Messari, and more who helped this come together.




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