Top Stories Around Blockchain This Week — DApps, SEC Approvals, Facebook Defending Libra

📖 Blockchain-Based Game Becomes First DApp to Launch on Crypto Platform

📖 SEC Clears Blockstack to Hold First Regulated Token Offering

📖 Major Improvements Are Coming To Blockchain In 2020

📖 Kakao Claims Its New Blockchain Is 15x Faster Than Ethereum

📖 Safety Without Silos: Why Businesses Will Learn to Love Public Ethereum

📖 Is Google Chasing The 90% Potential Of Blockchain That Facebook Left Out?

📖 What to Expect From the Telegram Open Network: A Developer’s Perspective

📖 Binance Charity Forms Alliance with 46 Companies to Unveil a Stablecoin for the Alleviation of Period Poverty

Libra Watch

📖 Facebook Defends Libra Token Ahead of Congressional Scrutiny

📖 Facebook has been asked to halt its crypto plans — again

📖 Libra Isn’t a Cryptocurrency. It’s a Glimpse of a New Asset Class

📚What I’m Reading Now

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Kyle Ellicott

Kyle Ellicott

Writing about #Blockchain, #DApps, #Digitization, and all things #Distributed. Host of Blockchain & Crypto Today