Top Stories Around Blockchain This Week — DocuSign, Facebook Libra, and lots of Funding

📖 Is Google Chasing The 90% Potential Of Blockchain That Facebook Left Out?

Regardless of your viewpoint on Facebook’s Libra program, it’s a significant stepping stone for the adoption of cryptocurrency. Facebook has it is repertoire a bank of over two billion users who will soon be exposed to the world of tokens and cryptocurrency…read more

📖 After Experimenting With Bitcoin and Ethereum, DocuSign Is Accelerating its Blockchain Ambitions

Docusign is seeking ways to improve its service offerings, with much of this experimentation incorporating blockchain technology. Over the last few years this testing has included trials, demos, and partnerships on both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Furthermore, last week the company invested in a $5.5 million Series A round for smart contract provider Clause alongside Galaxy Digital with the goal of making contracts on their DocuSign Agreement Cloud “self-executing” and “self-aware” in an ongoing fashion, rather than just one moment in time… read more

📖 Enterprise Blockchain Is Redefined By Facebook Libra

Facebook Libra was finally revealed and the crypto and blockchain space will never be the same. There are many positive technical and business design decisions, and we have yet to see how they will play out. One thing is certain, with a one hundred nodes set of validators, Facebook Libra already feels more decentralized than most public chains controlled by several mining pools… read more

📖 Blockchain Startups Raised $822 Million in H1 2019: New Report

Blockchain startups have raised $822 million in 279 separate venture capital (VC) deals in H1 2019, according to a report by American venture platform Outlier Ventures released on July 7. According to the research, titled “State of Blockchains Q2 2019,” 159 deals out of total 279 were seed stage ones, which shows that a sufficient number of enterprises have moved from proof of concepts in the industry, launching “fully developed open-source projects” instead…read more

📖 Nestlé Reveals Blockchain Supply Chain Tracking Pilot Program

Swiss-headquartered food retail giant Nestlé announced its intention to track its products along the supply chain with blockchain technology in a press release published on July 2. The project is jointly pursued with OpenSC…read more

📖 Kakao’s Klaytn Blockchain Has Gone Live With Support From Major Firms

Ground X, the blockchain arm of South Korean messaging giant Kakao today announced the launch of Mainnet with aimed to bring about the mass adoption of blockchain services and to “substantiate the value and utility of blockchain technology. Ground X also disclosed that 9 projects have joined the company including HintChain, a blockchain-based food data marketplace; Antube, a video snippet entertainment service, and others… read more

📖 Central Banks Are Using Blockchain To Stabilize The Global Financial System

There’s been a lot of talk about how cryptocurrencies and blockchain are at odds with policy objectives and nation-states, especially with the emergence of Libra and the reaction to it from policy-makers across the world. However, there are areas of collaboration where the spirit of bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies it spawned reduces the volatility generated by the conventional financial system… read more

📖 Blockchain in Sports: The Future of Sports and Game Chain-gers to come.

This is the first post of a three-part series about how blockchain technology will revolutionize the sports industry. Each part discusses new and exciting trends at the cutting edge of blockchain technology and sports. Each week a new piece will be released until the 3 part series is completed…read more

📖 Opera’s Browser With Built-In Crypto Wallet Launches for iPhones

Android and Computer browser user have been using the Opera’s Crypto browser for months now but the iPhone users have been left aside but with the launch of the latest version of Opera Touch for iOS that enables iPhone users to use Opera’s Crypto browser that has Built-in Crypto Wallet. The wallet currently allows users to hold, transact and make payments in Ethereum and all ERC-20 standard tokens and Stablecoins, as well as collectibles such as CryptoKitties via the ERC-721 standard… read more

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